Our company is Turkey's one of the first and leading manufacturer and exporter of steel security door with variety and quality productions. Kulca Steel Security Door Company was started its production in Kayseri wooden works industrial zone 1992. Kulca Steel Security Door Company continuse its acitivities as a Limited Company since 1995.

Kulca Steel Security Door Company constructed own factory lies on 11.000 m2 opened. 5.000 m2 closed area in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 2005. Kulca Steel Security Door Company's production capacity is 15.000 pcs in a year with modern production line.

Kulca Steel Security Door Company establishes its own distributorship system in overall of Turkey. Kulca Steel Security Door has 75 distributorship in Turkey now. Kulca Steel Security Door Company sales 60% of its production to domestic market and 40% of its production to global markets in a year. Our company's global markets are; Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Nigeria, Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Albania, Ukraine, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Kulca Steel Security Door Company's R&D activities continue since establishment of the company. By special researches and experiments our company invents Nailed System Doors which is the First and Only Patented Extra Security Door in Turkey. Our company took under protextion this nailed security system by Turkish Patent Institution and patent number is 2001:2469. This system is the first and only in steel security door sector and only produced by Kulca Steel Security Door Company in Turkey. Upon customers request our company produce fingerprint and remote control lock system doors manufactured by German Technology.

Our company's mission and vision is to increase quality and security on steel door's to present with a high quality products by competitive prices, to creative quality doors with modern design, confidence and customer satisfaction, to renew active organization shame, to look for high quality morally bound on both all our works and products. Our aim is to become a united whole with our slogan "A Life Time of Friendship" and our business principles.

Kulca Steel Security Door products has TSE quality certificate and our companu is ISO 9001:2000 certified.