As you will see when you follow the red line you see in the drawing, you will decide how difficult and impossible it is to intervene. Example: Opening of the lid with rigid plastic from the outside, opening with objects such as a lever and a jack has now come to an end. (Concrete Filling and Assembly) KÜLÇA This project and system which is developed and manufactured in AR-GE so that its customers do not encounter such a problem is presented to the service of the customers. For this reason, you have completed all the interventions that may come from the outside and in order to provide you with a safe and peaceful environment, you have signed a first principle in Turkey and have incorporated it into your nailed and stepped doorway. KÜLÇA wishes you to spend happy days in a peaceful and safer environment while wishing you to use it in good times with the pride and happiness of giving such a possibility to you.

Fingerprint System

The built-in flip-chip reading module on the outside of the door works through a 500DPI optical reader sensor. This device, which can hold a total of 1900 fingerprints, 3 of which are master fingers, has been awarded worldwide with its fingerprint evaluation algorithm. The module, which features new fingerprint learning and fingerprint recognition in less time than one second, is also attracting attention with its high performance curve on children's fingers, old fingers and female fingers, which other fingerprinting clubs have difficulty in recognizing.

Remote Control System

The apartment owners will also be able to control the system with the fingerprint as well as the remote control. Telecomunication installation approved remote controls operating at 433,92 Mhz are manufactured with variable (rolled) code technology. This technology makes it possible to send a different code each time the remote control is used. In this case, even if the code sent by the kumat is played by malicious people, the code that is played does not work because the device will not work again with the same code.


In case the remote control's buttons are accidentally pressed, the operation of the remote controls is connected to the activating button on the door so that the activation button can be pressed in order to prevent the door from opening.

Alarm System

The system is fully entwined and the alarm system gives extra security to the door. This system is controlled by the remote control and the fingerprint which can give a warning with a sound intensity of 90 dB (30 cm.). This alarm system, which is active in case of unauthorized opening of the door, is highly deterrent with high volume.

Three diffrent control alternatives

1. Manuel (key) control

2. Remote control

3. Finger print control